The Friendship Of The Two Great Teachers


How strong the relationship mahabbah fillaah between the second Shaykh friendly. Namely Shaykh Muhammad Yasin al-Fadani, buttonhole a member of the hadith of the Holy Land the original Pitch title Musnid ad-Dunya, and Shaykh Muhammad Zainuddin Abdul Majid, the founder of Nahdlatul Wathan.

Until Shaykh Yasin (scholar’s if we’re talking about knowledge and morals would not be enough of the nile river to be the ink) he repeatedly pay a visit to Lombok discover the Shaykh Zainuddin.

To at 1988 M, the arrival of the last Shaykh Yasin to Indonesia, he delivers ‘farewell words’ to his companion: “This is my last visit to thee.”

The friend was surprised: “Why so?”
Shaykh Yasin replied:

سأرتحل إلى الله

How heart breaking his friend heard that sentence.

Shaykh Yasin connect: “Actually purpose of my coming to you this moment for parting, I will feel more calm return to Him after a beeline to you”

And the hours passed. Out of the blue one day, when Shaykh Zainuddin lead prayer on Friday. Suddenly in the middle of the prayer, he felt sick and could not continue the prayer. After the prayer, he said to the jama’ah who wondered: “I don’t know what happened, my heart suddenly possessed by a feeling of sadness.” Tears flowed down her cheeks.

Don’t the intervening hours, came the sad tidings to her that the Shaykh Yasin have recently passed away. Howl Shaykh Zainuddin sobbing listening to pullout one of the scholars the greatest of the century.

From the above story we can take, how much the pinnacle of both unfettered on the raga, unless reached at the level of love ruhiah. May they and we included 7 the called Him the Prophet SAW dipayungi by God when there is no shade besides the shade of His:

ورجلان تحابا في الله اجتمعا عليه وتفرقا عليه

“Two people who love each other for God, meet solely for His sake and parted for His sake”.

Their meeting is not on the motives of business, politics, or the importance of anything but simply because of God.

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